Hungary Defeat Sweden without Dzsudzsák

Hungary - Sweden 2-1 (1-0)


írta: Maurice

2011-09-03 14:11

As Macskahal aptly foretold, Hungary defeated a somewhat disarrayed Sweden side in yesterday's EURO 2012 qualifier. Dzsudzsák, the highest rated Hungarian could not play for his collarbone injury, but there was an enduring team and a shining Rudolf to keep the three points home.

Hungary lacked many key players as a result of injuries and suspensions, including Dzsudzsák, Gera, Szalai, Juhász, Vanczák, and had to rely on the enthusiasm and resolve of younger players who get less opportunity in their clubs - in lesser leagues.

The Hungarian boys were up to it, nevertheless, and took advantage of Sweden's hesitance in front of goal and Ibrahimovic's conspicuous post-injury performance.

Even a missed penalty by Hajnal could not lay waste to the morale. The football shown was far from spectacular, but the few opportunities that did arise were pleasant to the eye of Hungarian fans, especially those leading up to the goals by Szabics and Rudolf.

Despite the long-awaited victory – Hungary hadn't defeated Sweden for 15 years – little chance remains for Hungary to reach the second place in Group E of the EURO 2012 qualifiers. For that, Sweden should lose points in its remaining matches and Hungary should win all its remaining fixtures.

Hungary Defeat Sweden without Dzsudzsák (photo: mlsz.hu)

Hungary Defeat Sweden without Dzsudzsák (photo: mlsz.hu)