Dzsudzsák Back in the USSR


írta: Maurice

2011-09-22 00:30

After a few weeks on medical leave, Balázs Dzsudzsák is now back in his second home, imperial capital Moscow. While recovering from his collarbone fracture, Balázs had all the rewarding experiences in the world. Let's see.

First, he could enjoy some friends-and-family time in imperial capital Budapest - and perhaps his picturesque home town Nyírlugos? It's always good to retreat to the cozy metropolis, especially when you have a wound to lick. Balázs received medical treatment on a daily basis so that he can return to the select arenas of Russia ASAP, with bones steelier than ever.

In recent weeks he had been bathed in positive energy via well-wishing phone calls coming in from his master and coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev, as well as teammates Roberto Carlos, Boussufa, and other living legends.

Then, most notably, Balázs beat Sweden in a EURO 2012 qualifier just by sitting in the stands with his arm tied up. Not bad, eh? Do it after him if you can.

He also had the chance to visit his PSV friends who threw him a formal goodbye party in Eindhoven. He got presies and everything.

And most rewarding of all, he didn't have to be there last Sunday when his team Anji Makhachkala lost shamefully in the latest round of the Russian Premier League. (We are still shaken by what happened.) Even Eto'o defaulted, which hadn't happened ever before. Not to mention Zhirkov who reminded us of the worst of Boussoufa at the time of the Ramadan. Anzhi currently stand at 7th. What's going on?

However, after a jolly good time in Hungary, the moment finally arrived to return to the realm of New History, which is meant to be written, and written with wagonloads of cash money, plenty of scoring, and considerably less bone fracturing than recently.

We look forward to Dzsudzsák's next game in a couple of weeks, hopefully.
A grateful bunch of PSV supporters

A grateful bunch of PSV supporters