Top 5 Reasons Dzsudzsák Is Not Leaving FC Anzhi Makhachkala

No, he's not.


írta: Maurice

2012-01-11 23:30

In recent days, a growing number of online news sites and blogs ridiculed themselves by iterating the assumption that Balázs Dzsudzsák is leaving Anzhi Makhachkala for Dynamo Moscow. This is obviously not so.

Here follow the top 5 reasons why Dzsudzsák would never think of leaving Anzhi Makhachkala.

Dzsudzsák's name has in recent months become one with the Dagestani club's (making it Anzhi Makhachkala Balázs Dzsudzsák, or Балаж Джуджак ФК Анжи Махачкала in Russian. There must exist a kumik language variant as well, but you get the point). Now, once coined, would anyone think of separating a name so difficult to concatenate? When each component is a puzzle in itself? You wouldn't want to dissemble the International Space Station, would you?

Dzsudzsák's countless appearances (8) in the blinding yellow jersey (and the less blinding white and blue sets) make him irreplaceable to the Dagestani side, especially those when he was in the starting eleven. Those goals! - even if they were scored in training! His spectacular collar-bone fracture remains for ever imprinted on the fans' retinas. Such a night! Who would ever let go of such talent? I don't know of any club.

Another absurd assumption is that Balázs would ever leave his buddies, in fact, brothers-in-arms, like Roberto Carlos, Boussufa, and I could name many more here. You don't just leave your buddies. You don't do that.

It would also be foolish to underestimate the affection that builds in one for the place where one spends such a long time. The unforgettable jet flights for each home game! The Dynamo Stadium, the pounding heart of metropolitan Makhachkala is very deep with Dzsudzsák. How many times did he tread those majestic blades of green in the home arena (4)? Never do you underestimate the magnetism of the fierce clatter of the Wild Division (Дикая дивизия), the Dagestani fanatics. Would they let go of Dzsudzsák? Anyone asked them?

What would make a stronger argument against a rushed transfer than the towering stacks of yet-to-be-sold Джуджак shirts in Anzhi's merchandise shop? Who would risk these remaining unsold? Today's football is driven by business. Unsold shirts mean bad business. The most stupidest shop apprentice knows that much.

And then do you believe Dynamo Moscow have got 19 million euros? Are you insane? Where would they get that much? That's a LOT of money. For real.

If, counter to the firmest of facts and solid common sense (remember, there is no signed transfer contract at this moment, nor is there a press release to that end), Dynamo Moscow finally ended up signing Dzsudzsák over from Anzhi Makhachkala, we would certainly eat our best football boots. With long studs on. No, no, I know better, we would stop writing this blog altogether. Yes, that's a good one. Beware!
Dzsudzsák legging it? (photo: Gyorgy Varga / MTI)

Dzsudzsák legging it? (photo: Gyorgy Varga / MTI)