Neither the kebab, nor the swimming!

Anji gets suspended sentence


írta: Maurice

2011-08-04 22:00

Forrás: fc-anji.ru

The disciplinary board of the Russian Football Federation sentenced Anji Makhachkala to a fine of 500,000 rubels and two home games played on neutral field for fans' misconduct in rounds 17 and 18.

In a press release reacting to the sentence - which has been suspended for three months - Anji say they respect the committee's decision, strict as it is.

Furthermore, although the home fans' outrageous behaviour was triggered by foreseeable provocations by guest fans, "neither kebab, nor swimming in the sea" will stop security personnel from keeping order in the stadium in the future.

Anji certainly do not want to lose their fans' support if they are to fulfill their ambitious plans.