Dzsudzsák Copy-Pastes Goal Against Finns

Hungary - Iceland: 4-0 (2-0)


írta: Maurice

2011-08-10 20:42

Koman picked up a ball lost by Iceland defense, and shot past the keeper into the lower left from 19 metres out. Rudolf took advantage of his second opportunity, while Dzsudzsak copied his surgical last-minute finish against Finland. Elek closed scoring from a deflected ball from Priskin's near-miss header.

Hungarian passes failed to reach and warm up Dzsudzsák in the first half. Balázs waited on a ball from Rudolf who did not see him and wasted it on the keeper.

Rudolf did, however, not disappoint on second asking. A timely lob put him a few paces ahead of the last defender, and the attacker pulled it past the keeper to roll it home into the undefended net.

After the break, Dzsudzsák was found clear on the left wing with a long pass from midfield, and produced a faithful rendition of his 94th-minute winner in the EURO2012 qualifiers against Finland last October. Dzsudzsák's exacting shot from 15 metres went in past the post leaving the keeper helpless.

In contrast with the first half, both Iceland and Hungary seemed good and warmed up by the second, however, Hungary appeared more and more on top of things.

Gudjohnsen levelled a dangerous left-footer from close range at the novice Hungarian keeper Bogdán, who made a brilliant reflex save.

Now in full swing, Dzsudzsák sent a whizzing cross to Koman who put it just an inch or two above the crossbar.

Dzsudzsák appeared now on the right wing, and threatened with a powerful drill from some 20 metres out. The pressure from Hungary had now become more and more emphatic.

Priskin headed a promising one at goal from a corner by Czvitkovics, but it deflected from the post, finding Hungary defender Elek's springs coiled up and ready to bang it to the back of the net with some force, to make the scoreline complete with 4:0.

Iceland failed to surprise a slowly awakening Hungary side who are to face Sweden on 2 September 2011 in a decisive Euro2012 qualifier.
Hungary - Iceland
Hungary - Iceland (2-0) first half
Hungary - Iceland (4-0) final score