Anzhi Needs Van der Sar

Spartak - Anzhi 3:0


írta: Maurice

2011-08-15 03:01

Round 20 began on a favourable note for Anzhi Makhachkala. League leaders CSKA had drawn with Rubin Kazan, and so did Zenit with Amkar Perm. Anzhi had only to beat Spartak to gain a couple points on almost the entire leaderboard.

Gadzhi Gadzhiev said it was not going to be easy. Spartak's pitch is artificial, and many of Anzhi's best had just returned from their FIFA friendlies dizzy from the flight, and some fresh mileage in their boots. All looked grim.

The astroturf had been threshed by rain, and so was Anzhi by Spartak. Okay, the first goal would have been a goal on any of the planet's pitches, organic or artificial.

The third was also led up to by some dribbling magic, although during the latter two goals Anzhi's keeper Revishvili seemed much too awed by Spartak's attacking class. A little shy of the positioning and tiger moves one expects of an ambitious keeper.

Along the lines of recent trends, we are positive that Anzhi's travelling diplomats are already squeezing the doorbell to Edwin van der Sar's tranquil refuge, and pushing the old multi-zero figures under the veteran's nose. And he, after ascertaining that Anzhi Makhachkala is indeed a football club, signs a four-year contract with Dagestan's best. He could still show Revishvili a few tricks in positioning and reflex saves.

What's also interesting in the highlights below is the fact that both teams played in red. Which does not spoil the fun, far from it. More disturbing is the presence of too many yellow-jersey officials blocking the view now and then.

Dzsudzsák had his chance from a corner, though: he put the bending cross in the kidneys of a blocking defender, which sent the ball flying out of goal where it had originally been headed.

One or two more chances, but if somebody said Anzhi was not on the pitch, I would have to concur. On the other hand, Spartak were impressive. Creative football, exacting passes, good finishing. A win well deserved.

With this defeat, Anzhi Makhachkala stands at sixth in the Russian Premier League.

Anzhi Needs Van der Sar

Anzhi Needs Van der Sar