A Little Breather in the Russian League


írta: Maurice

2011-09-03 15:09

The Russian Premier League is enjoying a breather due to the international games of early September. Anzhi coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev has been suspended for four matches due to his insults of the referee after winning a match 2-1 against Dinamo Moskva. Meanwhile Dzsudzsak's collarbone is healing after surgery in Budapest.

Anzhi Makhachkala are staging a training match against Kazak side Aktobe to keep its players in form during the short interval in the Russian league.

Thus, the days of Dzsudzsak's recovery from his collarbone fracture are passing more peacefully, and surely, Hungary's win over Sweden in the EURO 2012 qualifiers is a good addition to the treatment.

Anzhi Makhachkala's official website often posts on who the referee of the oncoming league match is going to be. It greatly helps the staff's work in the intricacies of football diplomacy and in finding the terms with the match official if a discussion presented itself.

The last such discussion resulted in a four-match suspension for coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev, and even stricter suspensions to several other staff members. The coach and his helpers did not make a secret of their criticism of the ref's professional work during Anzhi's league match with Dinamo Moskva, which Anzhi won 2-1. As the overall result favoured Anzhi Makhachkala, the subject of the controversy must have been in the subtler specifics of refereeing.

The suspension does not apply to Anzhi's cup match with Dinamo Moskva on 22 September.
Gazhiev's eyes glued on the ref's work

Gazhiev's eyes glued on the ref's work